Today, invest in your preparation to be at your best on D-day.

We tested and liked

  • Not having to travel outside of Lausanne to prepare for our next challenge with the altitude or heat simulation
  • The space of the altitude and heat rooms
  • The sessions with a physiologist
  • Being considered by the team regardless of our level or objectives
  • The follow-up and coordination

Raise the bar
crush the

Tired of traditional fitness?
With our CONDITIONING COMPETITION program, go beyond your limits in a performance-oriented environment and reach your athletic goals.

Customized program based on the specific objective of each athlete depending on the sport.

The goals

Individual Sport

You can only rely on yourself to reach a certain level of fitness.

This is good news because our Performance Staff is experienced in the preparation of individual sports such as running, trail running, mountain biking, triathlon, track and field, combat sports such as judo, MMA, boxing or tennis, motor sports, horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, dance, …

Team sports

You need to reach a certain level of fitness to lead your team to victory. This is a good thing because we have experience in the development of personal athletic qualities directly related to the specific needs of team sports such as ice hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby, American soccer, handball and many others…

Back to competition

Are you coming out of an injury that kept you away from the sports fields for too long, and now you’re ready to get back in shape?

Trust our experts in physical preparation to come back strong and why not stronger than before?

The sessions

Physical Training

Performance testing

Mental coaching

DXA body analysis

Gym Access

July / August / October / February

From 175 CHF / month

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Each of our programs requires an annual subscription to our MotionLab Membership.

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