A Unique spot in Switzerland
dedicated to health and sport

Founded in 2019 by two sports doctors, MotionLab is a sports medicine center based in Mont-sur-Lausanne.

MotionLab is a unique and innovative concept that places the athlete at the center in order to achieve performance with a 360° approach.

All the professionals that athletes need are grouped together under one roof and benefit from cutting-edge tools to help amateur or professional athletes of all ages and disciplines achieve their goals.

MotionLab collaborates with actors in the health field such as the CHUV, Hôpital Riviera-Chablais, Genolier clinic…

Our unique model in Switzerland is built around research and development, which guarantees state-of-the-art care and technological development partnerships with recognized institutions and fast-growing local start-ups.

MotionLab defends the values of excellence in sports and the support of athletes locally and beyond our borders by exporting our knowledge, hosting foreign sports delegations and weaving an international network of expertise.

MotionLab is :

medical assistants
mental coaches
Sports coaches
physical trainers
Medical secretary
Training Manager
R&D manager
Training Manager
Cryo Specialist
Health & Sports Intern
Accounting Manager

Our facilities

Space of 2000m² with cages, free weights, …

Artificial ice rink with a goal cage for ice hockey training.

For an osteo-articular expertise and an extended network in French-speaking Switzerland with our partner groupe 3R.

For blood tests, PRP, ECG, …

Body mass analysis, very useful for bone assessments but also for our nutrition services.

For a quick and precise diagnosis of osteoarticular pathologies.

Simulating an altitude up to 5800m.

Simulating a temperature up to 45°C and 95% humidity.

30 seconds at -60°C
2min30 at -110°C

Based on NASA technology, removes up to 80% of the weight.

60m² room, ideal for seminars, conferences, training, …

Accurate muscle assessment tool for upper and lower limbs.

Blood Flow Restriction, Shockwaves, GameReady, …

Keiser machines, Belt Squat, Trap Bar, Reverse Hyper, Sled Push, …


We bring together a range of expertise related to sports in the medical and scientific fields.

In a few figures :

  • 11 Masters
  • 1 PhD in sciences
  • 2 PhDs in Medicine
  • 60+ scientific publications


Our main mission is to bring the knowledge and expertise of high-level sport to everyone.

  • Accompany people in their return to physical activity and performance thanks to 360° medical and sports care
  • Democratize and develop cutting-edge technologies for professional sports and make them accessible to professional and amateur athletes.
  • To act as a catalyst and gas pedal in the way sportsmen and women are cared for: a unique and real-time concept.


The values that define our center and that constantly dictate and guide our actions:

  • Expertise
  • Multidisciplinarity
  • Innovation


All of our classes are open to everyone. Instructors offer modifications for beginners.
On your first visit, here are the steps to register:

  • Go to the home page
  • Select a course from the list and click on BOOK
  • Follow the steps to create your personal account and reserve the course

On site, we accept cash and all debit and credit cards except PostFinance.

If you are unable to register online for your first course, you can also register on site.
In this case, we advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the course so that we can do it together on site.

In general, we offer a regular schedule that repeats itself from week to week. However, we invite you to always check the online booking platform and book your lessons in advance so that your place is guaranteed.

In the event of an exceptional cancellation of a class, anyone registered for the class will be informed by email or SMS.
The schedule may be shortened during school vacations. Please make sure that your class takes place by consulting the online booking platform.

We do not have a linen rental service.

The center has locker rooms with showers, lockers and hair dryers.
We recommend comfortable clothing that you feel comfortable sweating in and a water bottle.

We have a variety of beverages for sale on site with payment via TWINT.

All of our online offers are payable in one lump sum or monthly with a credit card.

When purchasing online or at the center :

  • Subscriptions begin on the first day of the visit
  • The expiration date of the packages starts when the first course is used

Packages have an expiration date of :

  • 6 months for a package of 10 courses
  • 12 months for a package of 20 or 30 classes

Discounts are not applicable on our discovery offers which is already a promotional offer.

Some classes may be full. In order to respect each other and optimize space, it is important to register only if you are 100% sure you will come.

It is best to register at the last minute if you are not sure you will be attending a class.
If you have booked a course in advance, it is always possible to unregister from the course up to 3 hours before the start of the course via the online platform.

In case you had to cancel late or simply did not show up, if the class is full, you will lose your class.
We invite you to read the rules for late cancellations that you can find in our general conditions of sale.
From our platform you have the option to reserve a class for someone else. Otherwise write us an email.

We are QUALITOP approved. Your complementary health insurance can reimburse you from 200 CHF to 800 CHF for the year.
Every health insurance has its own requirements in terms of contribution.

On request we will provide you with the purchase certificate to be given to your complementary health insurance.
We accept young people from 16 years old with parental consent.

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