Feet and ankles, an
anchor for your athletic needs

We provide solutions for a wide range of sports-related conditions, including static and dynamic disorders and biomechanical pathologies.

The role of the sports podiatrist is to take into account the whole body, via the technical nature of the movement, the sporting discipline, the terrain and the footwear.

Numerous sports-related pathologies, such as static and dynamic disorders and biomechanical pathologies, can find solutions through treatment (corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, subungual haematomas…), orthopedic insoles…

We also offer iontophoresis, a treatment for foot hypersudation.

The podiatrist also works with young amateur athletes (generally from the age of 5-6) and professional athletes.

We cover your needs

  • Care of the athlete (before, during and after the competition)
  • Analysis (podological assessment) thanks to a baropodometric platform and optimizes the gesture of the sportsman
  • Analysis of the stride via sensors (running, trail…)
  • Manufacture of custom-made orthopedic insoles in our workshop
  • Advice for the choice of shoes



Podiatric Assessment 100.-
Foot care 30min 75.-
Foot Care 30min+ 95.-
Thermoformed insoles 220.- à 260.-
Carbon Soles 350.-
Cork Heelpads 50.-
Noene Absorbent heel pad 80.-
Ionophoresis (treatment for sweating) 260.-
(6 sessions)
Ionophoresis (treatment for sweating) 320.-
(8 sessions)

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You can also send me an email : agoutorbe@motion-lab.ch

I play volleyball and for years I suffered from pain in my hallux and forefoot. Thanks to the insoles (made of absorbent materials and carbon) made on site, I can play again without pain. Arnaud is very professional, attentive and gives very good advice for the shoes.

Véronique Lauener
Volleyball player


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