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A team of sports physicians specialized in the management of injuries or pathologies related to sports or physical activity.

Our values

We will provide you with prompt and effective care.
Listening, empathy and education, combined with clear communication, are at the heart of our practice.

Thanks to a rigorous scientific approach linked to the research and training activities of our doctors, you will benefit from technical and technological innovations and the latest medical protocols during your treatment.

The multidisciplinary vision

The center has been designed to facilitate interaction between professionals to promote concerted and coordinated care.

From diagnosis to treatment and prevention, a whole team is at your service.

Wetreat yourproblems

  • Acute and chronic injuries of the locomotor system
  • Fracture, sprain, dislocation, muscle injury
  • Osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, periostitis, patellar pain
  • Post-operative follow-up
  • Knee surgery (medics, cruciate ligaments, prosthesis)
  • Shoulder surgery (rotator cuff, labrum, dislocation, prosthesis)
  • Hip surgery (labrum, prosthesis)
  • Ankle surgery (ligaments, cartilage)
  • Growth pathology of young athletes
  • Complete health check-up of the athlete
  • Concussion
  • Back pain
  • Insurance expertise

General medicine encompasses the entire spectrum of medicine, with comprehensive, ongoing patient care. It focuses on prevention, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and support for people in need.

GPs care for the weak and the sick, as well as the healthy, from the young to the elderly. The GP is often the first person of contact and trust to whom patients turn. They deal with the whole range of medical problems, from the most diverse illnesses to injuries and psychological disorders. He listens to patients, advises them, cares for them and accompanies them on their medical journey.

He is a central and essential pawn in the healthcare system, referring patients to specialist doctors when necessary and ensuring optimum coordination between the various therapeutic players in the healthcare network.

Scientific advances allow the development of new therapeutic strategies. For the past decade, the center’s physicians have been proposing innovative techniques using the patient’s own biological constituents.

Platelet Rich Plasma injections are the result of centrifugation of the patient’s blood. What are the indications? Osteoarthritis or cartilage pathologies of all joints (knee, hip, ankle, finger, toes), certain tendinopathies: epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis. Individualized protocols according to your needs will be explained to you.

Disorders of the higher functions of the brain following a shock, a fall or a sudden movement of the skull: headaches, sleep and mood disorders, cognitive function disorders (loss of memory, concentration and attention disorders), oculomotor disorders (blurred vision, lack of accommodation), balance disorders (imbalance).

Concussion has become a major public health issue in sports. The sometimes devastating long-term consequences require coordinated and multidisciplinary care to better understand the path to recovery.

A network of experts has been formed around MotionLab to offer concerted care: neurosurgeons, neuro-ophthalmologists, orthoptists, physiotherapists, neuro-psychologists and sports doctors will be ready to accompany you according to the latest international recommendations.

Professional or amateur athletes: to each his own assessment: assessment of non-contraindication to the practice of sport, specific assessment of performance or assessment of resumption of sport, the sports physician will be the conductor in the request of various analyses according to your needs.

Health questionnaire, blood test, fatigue test, body composition test, joint test, balance test, resting electrocardiogram, growth test, podiatry test and strength test.

It will direct you to the various specialized professionals and will meet with you for a synthesis and a complete explanation of the results.

The cardiology department of the CHUV and Dr Vincent Gabus (sports cardiologist) are present at MotionLab for a sports cardiology consultation.

From the assessment of no contraindication to the practice of professional sports, to the resumption of sports after 45 years of age or for any questions related to the heart, you will be taken care of on the spot and will benefit from adapted examinations: resting electrocardiogram, cardiac echography and stress test.

The 3D analysis of the posture leads to a medical diagnosis that allows for better management of a large part of the pain: back pain, musculoskeletal disorders. This analysis takes into account the position of the feet, the eyes, the shoulders, the pelvis, the rachis (scoliosis); it deals with the balance of the body.

It is performed standing in a comfortable position. The analysis can also help athletes in their quest to improve their performance.

The doctor performs a postural assessment in 3D and in a natural position. The diagnosis is usually made in one go. The practitioner intervenes at the request of colleagues or spontaneously, at the request of patients.
It thus allows to optimize the care.


Médecine Du Sport & General Medicine*


3D postural analysis*

Postural Check 120.-
Clinical care 130.- à 180.-
Follow up min 90.-
* No Refund by LAMal
* Refunded by LAMal

Regenerative Medicine*

Session 150.-

Complete Assessment*

Accorfing to demand
*LAA/LAMal or services outside of the insurance policy

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Sports Cardiology
Hospital riviera-chablais

We are also in the Riviera Chablais region

The Riviera-Chablais Hospital is an intercantonal acute care, geriatric and rehabilitation facility serving the inhabitants of the Riviera and Chablais regions.

Our two doctors Matthieu Celhaiguibel and Matthieu Sailly are in Rennaz for consultations every Thursday.

To make an appointment, please contact the secretariat of the Orthopaedic and Traumatology Department by phone at 058 773 15 60 or by email at


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Following my tendinopathy in my left knee, I received a very warm welcome from the doctor and a quick and serious solution. I was then put in touch with very good physiotherapists for my post-injury treatment.

Marvin Dos Santos
Basketball player

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