Recovery and support
to facilitate a comeback.

We offer our high level of expertise to patients of all ages in order to accompany them in their rehabilitation and facilitate the resumption of physical activity and sports while reducing the risk of recurrence.

Convinced that movement is the best “remedy”, our multi-disciplinary approach and our innovative infrastructures allow us to offer personalized support from the injury to the resumption of sport, including performance improvement. Our services are aimed at athletes seeking to improve their performance as well as at a wide range of people who practice a healthy and regular physical activity. Our center allows patients who are interested to stay after their sessions to do strengthening exercises without necessarily making a long-term commitment thanks to our Rehab Pass.

Our offers

Physiotherapy Consultations

You can come to us for your physiotherapy sessions, either on the prescription of one of our sports doctors or your own doctor.

All our physiotherapy services are billed according to the current framework of the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMAL) and the Swiss Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG/LAA).

Our philosophy is based on individualized support and personal investment.

The course of your physiotherapy treatment: 

  • The first session lasts about 30 minutes
  • Our philosophy is based on individualized support and personal investment
  • A session at MotionLab is 1 hour of effective work

15 minutes


15 minutes

30 minutes


30 minutes

15 minutes

Autonomous work

15 minutes

Optimize your rehabilitation by taking advantage of MotionLab‘s facilities outside of your physiotherapy appointments. Subscribe to our Rehab Pass to access the Gym facilities and work independently on the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Combine the beneficial effects of cryotherapy with the Rehab Pass.
Cryotherapy will be an ideal complement to your recovery, return to sport because it promotes recovery through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Because optimal rehabilitation requires objective follow-up, our physiotherapists have developed numerous assessments that include objective measurements of the parameters that determine recovery and performance after injury.

Whether it is mobility, strength, proprioception or explosiveness, all physical qualities are rigorously evaluated using MotionLab’s technological tools.

The results obtained during these tests will reflect your level of recovery after your injury. They will give us a framework for adjusting your recovery, attesting to your progress and guiding your return to sports activity while minimizing the risk of recurrence.

Our specialized physiotherapists offer you global analyses of your sports practice in order to optimize your movement. Whether it is for preventive purposes, to improve performance or during an injury, these analyses will allow us to advise and guide you.

The analysis of your running technique through inertial sensors and video will allow a precise and detailed evaluation of your stride

The analysis of your cycling position (bike fitting) will allow you to perfect your position and thus optimize your cycling.

Our prices

Physiotherapy sessions

With a medical prescription
*According to the current LAA/LAMAL

Without a medical prescription50.-

Functional check-ups

*Selon tarif en vigueur LAA/LAMAL

Biomechanical analysis

Running 1h30 180.-
Bike fitting 2h 240.-

Rehab Pass*

Per month 80.-

Cryo Rehab Pass*

Per month 150.-

* The pass can be subscribed by the persons benefiting from physiotherapy care in our center, for a renewable duration of 1 month without commitment (max 8 sessions of cryotherapy per month) This pass is valid outside of your actual work of 1 hour of physiotherapy and during the other days without limited duration of presence.

We are also
in the
Riviera chablais region

Consultation at the Pôle Physio-Ergo in Aigle, at the Espace Santé Valerette.

The Riviera-Chablais Hospital is an intercantonal institution for acute care, geriatrics and rehabilitation at the service of the inhabitants of the Riviera and Chablais regions.

To make an appointment, please contact the Motionlab secretariat at 021 512 40 00 or by email : 

Our training sessions

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Physiotherapy at MotionLab guarantees that I will be listened to, cared for and followed by competent specialists who go beyond the 30-minute session to help me.

Juliet Schott
Basketball player
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