Find balance in your life and transform your body and mind.

Sweat at 40°

Practice at 3000m

Recover at -110°

We tested and liked

  • Escape to 3000m of altitude while staying in Lausanne
  • All the simulations of extreme conditions in one program
  • The training circuit with the impression of being in Bali
  • The very professional team and the know-how of MotionLab
  • The schedule of the courses in the evening
  • The free parking

sweat train recover

The BALANCED program uses MotionLab’s infrastructure to enhance your well-being. Train like you’re in the mountains, sweat like you’re in a tropical climate.

The program’s unique formula invigorates the human body, unleashes innate potential, and gives your workout that extra kick! The benefits of altitude, cryotherapy and heat training are combined into one program.

The sessions


at 40°C

Our group heat classes will help you flush out toxins while relaxing your body at the same time! These classes will be based on traditional yoga techniques, but can include higher intensity work like HIIT, to make sure you sweat it out!

High-intensity, high-temperature workouts will burn your fat while building muscle faster than ever.


at 4000m of altitude

You can also enjoy our group workouts in our hypoxic chamber that simulates the effects of higher altitudes without having to travel too far up the mountain. This type of training burns more calories than traditional cardio workouts while improving endurance and lung capacity.


at -110°C

Cryotherapy is a cold-based treatment that reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation and reduces pain by constricting blood vessels.
Our sessions are short (only 3 minutes) but incredibly effective !

The benefits

whole-body cryotherapy

  • Increase blood flow for better circulation
  • Eliminate inflammatory factors in the body
  • Relieve pain and muscle tension
  • Improve the quality of sleep

Altitude simulation

Studies show that low-oxygen training leads to better endurance and cardiac capacity.

Heat simulation

High-intensity, high-temperature exercise burns your fat while building muscle faster than ever.

From 175 CHF / month

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