Prepare your next expedition in the best possible way thanks to our know-how and our specialized infrastructures

We tested and liked

  • Not having to travel outside of Lausanne to prepare for our next challenge with the altitude or heat simulation
  • The space of the altitude and heat rooms
  • The sessions with a physiologist
  • Being considered by the team regardless of our level or objectives
  • Follow-up and coordination
  • Free parking

conquer the climb

The CONDITIONING EXPEDITION program uses our know-how to prepare projects in unusual environments, such as an ascent of the following peaks: Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Himalayas, Everest, K2, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Annapurna, Matchupichu, Aconcagua, Mount Fuji,…

But also a race in a tropical climate like the Sand Marathon, Dubai Triathlon.

And also an expedition in the Amazon or in the Sahara desert.

The goals



Summer from June to end of September

Many people attempt Mont Blanc without experience and sometimes they succeed. As such, the summit has the reputation of being “easy”.

However, while preparation can and should be done well in advance, altitude resistance requires acclimatization. Some passages can be very icy and the final ridge is steep. Good preparation, acclimatization and technique increase your margin of safety and increase your chances of success.



July-October, January February

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa (5895m). It is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

This huge mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And not without reason! During the ascent you will walk through incredibly beautiful and varied landscapes, but to enjoy the view you will have to prepare yourself, properly, because this is not a climb to be taken lightly.



Summer from June to the end of September

Known as the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Monte Cervino in Italy and Mont Cervin in France, this mountain is probably the most famous mountain in the Alps.

Climbing to the top of this great pyramid-shaped peak, often called the “mountain of mountains”, is every climber’s dream. Good acclimatization, training and stamina are essential to reach the goal of one of the most difficult mountains in Switzerland, so if you are considering climbing this peak, this is the perfect program for you !


Sand Marathon

April 21st to May 1st 2023

The Sand Marathon is a tactical race, as you have to manage your effort, your food and your water needs for a week. It is a very difficult sporting event organized in the heat of the desert, with temperatures that can reach 50 degrees. The physical preparation for the Sand Marathon must start at least 6 months before the race.

Each participant must adapt his or her training to his or her own motivation: to rank high or simply to finish the race. Acclimatization will be an integral part of achieving one’s own goal.

The sessions

Small Group

Testing Acclimatization

Mental coaching

DXA body analysis

Gym Access

From 175 CHF / month

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