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Individualized coaching

Nutritional follow-up

Quick results

We tested and liked

  • The nutrition program in addition to sports coaching
  • The body mass analysis to follow our progress
  • The monthly program to evolve in autonomy
  • The coaching sessions with the AlterG mat that reduces our weight and makes us feel confident with cardio
  • The intimacy of the hypoxia room
  • The free parking

KickStart your

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is a comprehensive program designed to help you lose weight, get fit and feel great. With the help of our experts, you will learn how to set up a fitness program that fits your lifestyle.

You will also learn how to change your food choices to be healthier, but still delicious! We can guarantee that after a few weeks of training at our facility, you will be able to resist the temptations of chocolate cake.

The benefits

Boost & Toning

The goal is of course to maintain the maximum amount of muscle mass in order to display an athletic and “toned” figure.
Should I do weight training or cardio?
Technically, cardio allows you to “burn” more calories. Aside from the fact that weight training helps maintain (or increase) muscle mass, it is also good for your metabolism!

Calorie deficit

The foundation of weight loss comes from the calorie deficit. To lose weight permanently, you must cut back on as many calories as necessary until you reach your goal. Good eating habits are therefore the motto: a balanced diet rich in nutrients that promotes satiety and overall health. Your nutrition must be adapted to your health and your goals and will be supervised by our nutritionist.


As in any sports program, the frequency and duration of exercises must always be adapted to the level of the practitioner, whatever the objective. Whether it is for weight loss or muscle gain, an advanced exerciser does not train the same way as a beginner. With a proper nutrition plan, you should see results fairly quickly.


Healthy and sustainable weight loss is only possible when a sports program is combined with an adequate nutritional program. The solution is not to spend two hours a day running, because if it is a method that gives short-term results, it is not optimal in the medium and long term. If you don’t want to regain all the weight you have lost and avoid the yo-yo, you must not neglect one of the two components of this equation.

The sessions


Behind this complicated name is the reason why our weight loss program is unique and unmatched. Thanks to this machine, you will be able to have a detailed vision of your fat/muscle mass ratio.

Fat Max

FatMax is the maximum amount of fat an athlete can “burn” per hour. It is often expressed in energy (kcal) per hour.
FatMax is also a training intensity: the intensity at which you burn the greatest amount of fat. This will allow you to better plan your meals to continue to give your maximum at the gym !

Free Access

We have a gym on site where you can train at any time of the day in normal conditions and at altitude! This is a great advantage because you can come according to your desires and provide the work required independently or in small groups. You will have free access to our sports hall & altitude simulation room.

From 175 CHF / month

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